I love the state of flow …

I love the state of flow when being creative.
It simply brings me so much joy because it opens up the door to my best and most enjoyable space within myself, where I am filled with only freedom and expression.

What I think about being creative is that it requires two main things:
carving time to let it be no matter what, and allowing yourself to tune in to listen with curiosity.

My primary way of nurturing my creativity is, naturally, making music. But not just. I always feel that when I am the most creative with my music, it also comes with being creative with what my eyes see – like catching the frame for this photo, the way I feel (and fill) spaces with things, the way I cook, how I treat my (many) plants…and generally my entire outlook on life.

What do you think? How do you experience your creativity?

photo, creative flow & amazing eye for details: Victoria Rosovsky

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