I'm happy to be back…

I'm happy to be back here after a short while of absence from social media posting.
This quiet time allowed me to experience a different kind of creativity; give space to myself to search for a calm, sincere way to go about things, re-check with myself where my authenticity lies.

Being off stage for all these months, I had the opportunity to realize that I am a pretty private person; the stage is where I let my deepest self be exposed. When I don't have that, I am challenged to search for other outlets for this exposure. That was a significant revelation for me.
Now, this is something that I would really like to do here on this platform over the next few months.

In this opportunity, I also feel like asking you if there is anything specific that you are curious for me to post?
I would love to hear your thoughts and requests as I am open to inspiration to try new things! So please write me in the comments if you have any 🤠🤗

Photos from a while ago by the talented Shlomy Reuven

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