I'm pretty hopeful a…

I'm pretty hopeful and inspired by what's been going on around the world. It's good to see people coming together and uniting for the good and right causes and making a change. This is the humanity that I hope to keep living within ⭐️

On a completely different note, I'm happy to share with you all a beautiful project that I participated in last week, a very creative photo session with talented photographer Un certain regard. In this project, Katia took photos of me in my Rishpon (Israel) home studio, through both our computer screens all the way from Berlin. Her project focuses on different women from places around the world (check it out on Instagram!) and how we are fueling up our creativity during this time.
One of the uplifting sides of this corona pandemic implications has been the challenge to reach over the usual borders of creative expression, and personally, I've been enjoying it a lot. I was inspired and had a great time in this session! Check out some of the photos below 👇🤠 what do you think?

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